4th of July Parade, Celebration & Fireworks Show

4th of July Parade, Celebration & Fireworks Show


July 4, 2024    
10:00 am - 10:00 pm


#1 The Plaza
Sonoma, San Francisco, California, CA

Event Type

Experience the essence of American patriotism and community spirit at Sonoma’s renowned 4th of July Celebration, recognized as the eighth best in the nation by Travel+Leisure Magazine & Yahoo News. This annual tradition not only commemorates the independence of our great nation but also unites the Sonoma community in a day filled with festivities and honor.

Event Details:

  1. The Parade: Kick off the day at 10 am with a vibrant parade that winds its way around Sonoma’s historic Plaza. Featuring approximately 60 entries, the parade showcases local organizations, community groups, and spirited displays of American pride. It’s a time-honored spectacle that delights spectators of all ages.
  2. Old-Fashioned Festival: Following the parade, indulge in an old-fashioned festival where Sonoma’s non-profit organizations host food, drink, and game booths. Enjoy delicious treats, refreshing beverages, and family-friendly activities. All proceeds from the festival go directly to supporting Sonoma’s vibrant non-profit community, fostering a spirit of giving back.
  3. Fireworks Spectacular: As dusk settles over General Vallejo’s field around 5 pm, the sky lights up with a breathtaking fireworks show that spans approximately 30 minutes. Gather with friends, family, and neighbors to witness dazzling displays of color and light, celebrating the freedom and unity that define our nation.
  4. Community Support: The Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters Association plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and safety of the event. Dedicated to serving the community, they raise funds for the Sonoma Valley Fire and Rescue Authority, organize social functions, and educate the public on fire safety and prevention. Their commitment enhances the community’s resilience and readiness to respond to emergencies with efficiency and pride.

Join the Sonoma community on Independence Day for a day filled with tradition, joy, and celebration. Whether you’re enjoying the parade, savoring festival delights, or marveling at the fireworks, Sonoma’s 4th of July Celebration promises unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for our nation’s heritage.

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