NAMI CC Healing Through Music

NAMI CC Healing Through Music


July 27, 2024    
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


New Destiny Church
1411 East Leland Road Pittsburg, San Francisco, California, 94565, CA

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Experience an evening of healing and inspiration with renowned Songstress Erica Campbell, where the transformative power of gospel music is utilized to address trauma and emotional challenges that contribute to mental distress.

Join us for a soul-stirring session where gospel melodies and heartfelt lyrics create a therapeutic environment. Through the universal language of music, participants will embark on a journey of emotional release, healing, and spiritual rejuvenation. Erica Campbell’s uplifting voice and the resonant messages of gospel songs aim to soothe the soul, offering solace and strength to those facing mental health struggles.

This event is a testament to the healing potential of music, providing a supportive space for individuals to connect with their emotions, find comfort in community, and discover the healing power of gospel music in their personal journeys.

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