Reiki Practitioners Circle

Reiki Practitioners Circle


July 9, 2024    
7:00 am - 2:00 pm


Downtown Yoga Shala
5 East Reed Street San Jose, California, Califor, 95112, CA

Event Type

Join the community of lightworkers to share in the collective healing of each other, our communities, and our Beloved Mother Earth. Let’s come together to create a more centered and harmonious space to live in.

Calling All Lightworkers:

As lightworkers, it’s vital to continuously channel light, replenishing our own energy so we can serve as beacons for our community’s healing journey. This circle offers a sacred space to share the healing light of Reiki with fellow practitioners.

Event Highlights:

Guided Meditation: We will begin with a grounding meditation to center our energies and prepare for the healing session.

Universal Life Energy Sharing: Engage in the exchange of Universal Life Energy, positivity, and light, enriching each other’s spirits and amplifying our collective healing power.

Gratitude Sharing: The circle will close with expressions of gratitude, fostering a sense of community and mutual appreciation.

Benefits of Participation:

Raise Your Vibration: Immerse yourself in an environment of like-minded individuals, elevating your vibrational frequency and deepening your spiritual connection.

Experience Healing: Receive and give healing energy, promoting balance and well-being within yourself and the group.

Community Building: Connect with fellow Reiki practitioners, forming bonds that support your continued growth and practice.

Event Details:

This event is exclusively for certified Reiki practitioners of Level 1 and above. All practitioners interested in maintaining and enhancing their connection to Source Energy are welcome. You are encouraged to bring additional healing modalities such as tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, and rattles to enrich the experience.

Be the Light:

By participating in this circle, you contribute to a brighter world, healing not just yourself but also the broader community and the Earth. Join us and be part of a collective effort to spread light and positivity.

Connect and Heal:

This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with like-minded souls, raise your vibration, and experience profound healing. Let’s come together to channel our collective light and create a more centered and peaceful existence.

Event Specifics:

Who: Certified Reiki Practitioners (Level 1 and above)
What: Reiki Practitioners Circle
Why: To share and receive healing, raise vibrations, and connect with the community
How: Through guided meditation, energy sharing, and gratitude expression
Extras: Additional healing modalities welcome (tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, rattles)

Be the light you wish to see in the world. Join us and help heal our collective spirit.

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