Sacred Healing Journeys for the Soul

Sacred Healing Journeys for the Soul


July 20, 2024    
11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Walnut Creek
Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek, California, California, 94598, CA

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Your relationship with yourself is fundamental to the quality of your relationships with others and the world around you. But how well do you truly know yourself? How deeply are you connected with the core of your being?

Introspection and Self-Discovery: This one-day retreat is designed to guide participants on a profound journey inward. It provides a rare opportunity to introspect and gain insights that can illuminate your life purpose and vision. By connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, you will tap into your inner knowing and wisdom.

Safe and Nurturing Environment: Within this healing container, you will feel safe, supported, and protected as you release elements that no longer serve you. These may include attachments to negative emotions, trauma, self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, unwanted energies, and societal conditioning that is not true to your authentic self.

Processing Hidden Energetic Material: Participants will have the opportunity to acknowledge, accept, and process ignored or hidden energetic material. This includes emotional or psychological turmoil stemming from early childhood or past conditioning.

Shedding Identities and Gaining Perspective: As you shed layers of identity and gain a new perspective on life, free from judgment, fear, shame, guilt, attachment, aversion, resistance, and external influences, you will experience your inner truth. This journey allows you to connect with your authentic self, revealing deep wisdom and understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation and your own divinity.

Connecting with Kindred Spirits: Join our Sacred Medicine Tribe to deepen your spiritual path, experience emotional healing, and expand your consciousness. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your quest for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

What to Expect:

  • Guided meditations and introspective exercises
  • Safe and supportive group environment
  • Techniques for releasing negative patterns and conditioning
  • Insights into your life purpose and vision
  • Connection with your inner wisdom and authentic self

Embark on this sacred healing journey to rediscover your true self and deepen your connection with the divine. Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened, and connected with your authentic God-self.

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