July 10, 2024    
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


The Berkeley Alembic
2820 Seventh Street Berkeley, San Francisco, California, 94710, CA

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Welcome to a transformative twice-monthly drop-in Relatefulness practice, led by Josh Rosenberg and Daniel Ricciardelli. This unique practice, closely related to relational approaches such as Circling™, Authentic Relating, and T-Group, invites participants to explore what genuinely arises in the present moment as they interact with others in the group.

What to Expect:

Relatefulness emphasizes noticing and sharing relational patterns, emotions, body sensations, and other aspects of personal experience. By openly communicating these observations, participants can foster a deeper understanding of themselves, each other, and the broader social reality.

Benefits of Relatefulness:

  • Enhanced Relational Awareness: Discover new, more fulfilling ways of relating to your experiences and to others in a supportive group setting.
  • Practical Personal Growth: Apply insights from personal growth practices in real-time interpersonal interactions.
  • Healing Connections: Experience the profound healing that comes from being deeply seen and understood by others.

Complementary to Traditional Meditation:

Relatefulness complements traditional meditation practices by placing awareness on oneself while connecting with others. This collective awareness can lead to significant personal and interpersonal growth.

Self-Care and Participation:

Participants are encouraged to practice self-care, stepping away or guiding the group into new ways of being as needed. This ensures that everyone remains comfortable and engaged throughout the practice.

Join us for an enriching experience of Relatefulness, where personal insights and interpersonal connections flourish in a dynamic, supportive environment. Whether you’re new to relational practices or a seasoned practitioner, this practice offers a valuable space for growth, healing, and authentic connection.

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